Cosmos Planner is an original puzzle about merging cosmic stones to the highest rank before the board runs out of spaces. This merge game is relaxing yet challenging and rewarding at the same time. It is a minigame which you can quickly relax with for a few minutes. But it’s puzzle is so addictive that you can also enjoy for hours! Plus, there are many maps awaiting you to unlock and prove your superior strategy!

How to play this game?

Hint: You will need to come up with a good strategy.

Place Cosmic Stones on the planning board to decide the shape of your own universe. Merge 3 (or more) same Cosmic Stones to create a new type. Show your grand strategy with Triple Combo. Immerse in the intensive Crunch Time. Make a sun go Super Nova or drop a Galaxy Destroyer Bomb to make place for more. Create as many planets, suns, galaxies and universes as possible before you run out of spaces.

Super easy - it’s all about match & merge & earn scores.

Super challenging – is it luck or skills that help to solve one puzzle and create a new universe?

This original and addictive game is expected to bring you various feelings, from fun & easy at first to rush & intensive during crunch time…

Game Features:

  • Free to download and play, no in-app purchase (IAP).

  • Global Leaderboards to compete high scores with your friends and players worldwide.

  • Share favorite moments with screenshot sharing button.

  • No Internet connection required for core game features unless you want to use Coin Boost feature, share your score/screenshot to friends or save your progress across devices.

  • No time limits, endless puzzle.

  • Conveniently play with one hand on most phones. Large screen devices bring even greater experience.

Match, merge and earn double & triple combos. Invite your friends for more fun and see who can get the top score.

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Have fun merging!