Crossing Blocks is a super fun, addictive and relaxing block puzzle with the sliding and match-3 mechanics about the crowded Blocky Avenue. Crossing Blocks is a new take on the classic block games we all know and love, introducing to you the entirely new gameplay experience and modern art style - still fun, strategic and addictive as always, but in a whole new level.

You get the rules within seconds but it might allure you to play for hours.

How to play

  • SLIDE (Up, Down, Right, Left) to MOVE all blocks and MATCH 3 or more blocks of the same colors vertically or horizontally. Aim for combos for better scores. This intuitive control is inspired by the popular 2048 games, so for fans of those games you’d feel right at home!

  • After each move, new blocks will APPEAR on the side you just slide from. Each side may spawn different color blocks, so choose your side mindfully. Also try to keep the board clear because more blocks means more challenges.

  • Pay attention to the UNIQUE Gray Crossing Block. It will not match with any other blocks. It DISAPPEARS only when you slide it to the edge of the board indicated by its arrow. You’d earn 10 times more score than that of a normal match.

  • Strategically use support items to help you reach even higher score.

  • Sign into Google Game Services to access Leaderboard and compare your scores with friends.

Game features

  • Relaxing gameplay, easy to play and fun to master

  • Dozen of block skins to unlock. Mix and match your way in the Blocky Avenue!

  • Soothing and elegant art style

  • Intuitive interaction

  • Global Leaderboard supported

  • No internet connection required for core features

  • Committed dev. Seriously, we’d love to hear from you and your experience of the game :)

Supported languages: English, Tiếng Việt. More languages will be supported in future releases.